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Kids Cartoons

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Simpsons Comics #234 - $3.59

During a family trip to the science museum, Homer takes a fantastic voyage that he'll not soon forget; Milhouse goes on an adventure of his own after suffering from Squishee brain freeze; and Ned Flanders reveals 'The Seven Diddly Sins.'

Simpsons Comics #238 - $3.19

Homer's in a rut, but madcap night of unexpected adventure helps him get in touch with his inner (and long dormant) 'bad boy.' Then, Homer must make the most important choice of his life... which of the last two donuts he should choose to start his day! Finally, Itchy & Scratchy pair up for a 'short' night of caped crusading derring-do!

Batman & Robin TPB Vol. 07 Robin Rises - $15.99

After Damian's body is stolen by alien hordes, Batman must face down Darkseid himself to recover his son's body!

Supergirl Way Of The World TPB - $14.39

After promising a dying boy that she could cure his illness, Supergirl upsets the universe's balance of life and death in this dramatic book.

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